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Fuzzy Math leads to fuzzy budgeting including Telling you that a Million Dollars is not a lot of money

July 23, 2014, Coral Springs :    At the Special City Commission Meeting , the city of Coral Springs commissioners are proposing a tax increase of 5% to all homeowners while at the same time saying it really is not an increase.  Their claim is that property values have increased and therefore as a result of this good fortune, they are getting more money. They are spending more money as well, as it happens, so that the amount of money they are getting from us, is being spent. more....


A Terrorist Amongst Us
 9/11 Mastermind Mohamed Atta was a Coral Springs Resident

Warrant for his arrest still open in Broward County

DEDICATED TO THE VICTIMS OF 9-11....Lest we forget...

All of our lives changed on 9/11. Incredibly, the guy that masterminded all of the murders turned out to be living in South Florida. 6 blocks from my house in Tara Gardens at 10001 Atlantic Boulevard. I know the address well. I was the builder for Tara II, 10101 Atlantic Boulevard, the development right beside it.  more.....


Free Lunches and Other Perks For City Commissioners Need to Stop


Commercial Businesses Can Save 50% if Only Our City Commissioners Told You The Real Story




City For Sale?
Sitting Coral Springs Commissioners Receiving Campaign Contributions from Lobbyists and Companies Doing Business  with the City Stinks

The GANG of Coral Springs: VOTER BEWARE
The Coral Springs non-partisan election for city commissioners is nothing more than a farce that uses non-partisanship to hide the true identities of those in our city that form a single GANG in order to maintain their hold on the city. more ......

Petitioning the City:

Forcing the city commissioners  to ask our permission before they spend millions of our dollars

Anyone in politics will tell you that the best friend to politicians that are sitting in office is apathy.  Creating apathy is really not that difficult. You pass resolutions that they hate and then tell them that they cannot do anything about it.  Then , you change the time of city commission meetings to 9:00 am in the morning so that most people who work cannot attend them.  You then proceed and poll certain few people and then make claims that everyone is happy with the decisions you are making.   When people feel they have no say in what is happening around them , they become apathetic, feeling that even turning out to vote is a waste of time, because the guys in power are still going to be there.
No greater feeling of helplessness is in watching our city commissioners bypass accepted process and make decisions that will greatly affect our city. The new city hall is one of those decisions, where the city estimates a total expenditure of $30,000,000.  They have stated that they will be bypassing the citizens in asking their permission by not going out for a regular bond issue where it would be on the ballot for this coming election. Instead they are going after a bond that is based on our ability to cover it out of our general fund.  What this translates into is that we are loaded with money and rather than reduce taxes and tighten belts at the city, they will carry enough money to cover the cost of $30,000,000 bond issue.   for the rest of the story click here......


Press Play on the audio control above to start listening into the live broadcast of the Coral Springs Police and Fire Departments

How to make Coral Springs Safer from Red Light Runners

Keeping red traffic lights ON longer,  instead of taking a picture, saves lives

Coral Springs, Florida  01/09/2014   When I first started the website about 13 years ago,  there was a tragedy at the Coral Springs Drive and Atlantic boulevard intersection, when a red light runner went through the intersection crashing into a car going in the crossing direction. A 3 year old child strapped into a car seat in the rear of the vehicle was killed.  He would have been 16 years old today.  Cameras that we have installed in our city at the intersections to catch red light runners would have only shown the gruesome picture of this accident and done nothing to stop it  from happening.  Making sure that all 4 corners had the red light left on simultaneously for  3  seconds before any change in signal,  and the red light runner would have cleared the intersection. No accident would have occurred and the child would not have died.  more ...... 



As  said in the article about the city commissioners giving out single source contracts, the City has missed out on the deal of a lifetime by not purchasing the  black larger Preferred Exchange Tower commonly know in this town as the " Darth Vader" building.

This building, 3111 University drive  has more than 202,000 square feet of space and was built in 1985. It sold in 2005 for $33 million dollars. It sold this month for $11 Million dollars.   This is only $3 Million dollars more than the single source contract they just gave to Motorola this week  for the police radio system upgrade.   In other words,  they had the money but not the smarts.

This is obviously mistake by both the city manager and the city commissioners will now cost us $19 million as they could have bought this building for the new city hall. Instead the city now will place  $30,000,000 of new debt on the taxpayers as they go ahead with their lavish plans for a the new city hall in a location across the street from a building that they could have had at half the cost. 

That is what happens when lack of experience is not taken into consideration when the voters cast their ballot.

Car Traffic Accidents in Coral Springs
Safer Time To Drive: Yes!

The Coral Springs Police Department gave us some great data to analyze concerning traffic accidents at our major intersections. We found interesting trends some of which are obvious and others are remarkable. Here are the top Five facts:

  1. Most accidents happen on a Friday compared to other weekdays
  2. Most accidents in Coral Springs occur in the afternoons
  3. The unsafe time to be driving in Coral Springs is 5 pm to 6 pm.
  4. Travelling from 6-7 am is safer then 8-9 am ( leave the house early?)
  5. Leaving after 9:00 a.m. -10 am is safer than 7 - 9 am or 10 - Noon.
So what does all this mean? It means that if you adjust your driving habits or make yourself aware of peak traffic accident times you can decrease your chance of getting into an accident at our intersections ( not eliminate them of course). 

(editor note - Many thanks to CSPD for providing us with the information)

Yet Another Contract Awarded Without Competitive Bid

City Commissioners Give Out Contracts- Without Going Out For BID!
Single Source contracts never  pass the Smell Test and are not in our best interests


Coral Springs residents that are experiencing  culture shock at the fact that the previous years'  two 30 gallon garbage pickup is now a single 64 gallon container, are not told about a secret clause in the contract of the new garbage disposal provider, WASTEPRO.  The secret ? WastePro will upgrade your 64 gallon container to 94 gallon container for free, allowing you more garbage at your disposal than you ever dumped to the previous garbage collector.  Now that's a lot of trash!  

Seniors have the ability to get a smaller lighter garbage container making it easier for them to roll out. The previous garbage collector had Side Door Pickup, which many seniors took advantage of.  The city commissioners took this out of the contract with WastePro, who operates more efficient garbage collection using mechanical means rather than people.

There is no extra charge for picking up the larger container.  However you must call them before April to get the new garbage bin for free. 

CALL WASTEPRO AT 954 282 6800, Tell them  sent you :)

Any experiences you want to share? email us at 

Mayor Roy Gold
Congressman Ted Deutch
Honored by Coral Springs and Parkland  Democratic Club

Coral Springs , FL Sunday Sept 15, 2013 .   Mayor Roy Gold who has served this community as a City Commissioner and Vice Mayor  ( 2004 - 2008) and then as Mayor ( 2008-2012) was honored on Sunday Sept 15, 2013 by the Coral Springs and Parkland Democrat club. At the ceremony, Roy was cheered as a strong supporter of democratic values, and has been involved in volunteer organizations for over 40 years. more ...

About Vets Helping HeroesHow About Coral Springs Helping Heroes ?
Our Veterans need our help to provide trained dogs to our Wounded Warriors


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