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From Auschwitz in Poland to Dachau In Germany.... How a  13 year old boy now 84 year old Coral Springs Resident found a way to keep himself and two friends alive in a Nazi concentration camps

 "The Three Musketeers"


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Here is a list of Articles I am working on.   Sort of a To Do List. Feel free to send me any ideas or comments. Send it to


Chamber of Commerce Insults Coral Springs Corporate Park Business Owners : "Its A Trailer Park"


The New Art Walk : Waste of Tax Payers Money or Who's going to Walk at the Art Walk : Nobody.


3300 Sample Road : SW Corner of Smaple and Univesity Prime Corner Treated By Property Owner as a Slum: What is Code Enforcement Waiting For ?


Master Plan CRA for Sample Road / Unviersity Handled by Ameteur


Mayor Campbell : How About Staying for another 2 Years ? Will He Run Again


Best Kept Secret : The Hills Subdivision: What Coral Springs was Supposed to Be.






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